The Best Way To Get To Great American Ball Park

The Best Way To Get To Great American Ball Park

Posted by Kurt Smith

More than likely, you’re going to get to Great American Ball Park by car, since public transit isn’t as prevalent in Cincinnati as it is in, say, Chicago.

This is fine, though, since there are ample parking options. And as ballparks go, it is relatively easy to get to Great American, with several interstates on either side of downtown. You have inexpensive and expensive choices, and you have places to park where you can get in easily and places where you can get out easily.

There are also lots of places to leave your car in the neighboring towns of Newport and Covington, across the Ohio River in Kentucky. They aren’t the closest or the easiest places to walk, but you do have the option of the Southbank Shuttle.

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get to great american southbank shuttle

Does everything in baseball have to be named for a bank?

The Southbank Shuttle is a trolley service operated by the fine people at the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK). The trolley service runs from either Newport or Covington, and in most cases it passes through Cincinnati and has several stops near the ballpark. It runs frequently enough that you shouldn’t have to wait long, they offer extra service for Reds games, and as of this writing it’s just a buck-fifty per ride.

You can usually find cheap or even free parking in both towns (well detailed in the Great American Ball Park E-Guide!), and the nice thing is that if you plan to take in some pre- or post-game food or entertainment, you have lots of dining options and fun things to do, especially at the Newport-On-The-Levee entertainment center.

get to great american southbank shuttle sign

Now, if it were every 20 minutes, I wouldn’t be recommending it.

You might have reasons to park downtown for a game, and there are some good reasons to do so in certain cases. But if you’re looking for inexpensive parking with minimal walking and less traffic after the game, you could do worse than parking in Kentucky and hopping on a trolley.

My only complaint is it’s a bit of a rickety ride. I wouldn’t recommend it for pregnant women. Then again, if your companion is carrying your offspring, you should be dropping her off at the door anyway.

That’s just one way to get to Great American; there’s also the street parking near the ballpark, the new Cincinnati streetcar, even the river shuttles. Pick out the best way to go for you with one of these.

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