What to Eat at Camden Yards

What to Eat at Camden Yards

A few years ago Delaware North Sportservice took over the concessions at Camden Yards, and as usual they’ve done a super job of highlighting local fare. So when choosing what to eat at Camden Yards, Baltimore residents and visitors alike can enjoy a taste of the city.

Camden Yards now has a wide variety of food choices, and some great new features and restaurants were added. We’ll start with the sit down restaurant.

What to eat at camden yards dempseys

Easy enough to find.

Dempsey’s, named for the popular O’s catcher and 1983 World Series MVP Rick Dempsey, is a restaurant built into the B&O Warehouse in right field. The restaurant features brick walls, O’s memorabilia, and beer taps with Dempsey’s head on top of them.

The menu is pub-style and includes appetizers like crab cakes and rock fish tacos, and the main menu is mostly burgers and other sandwiches, like the Dempsey Club. Prices aren’t too terribly bad for a ballpark restaurant. Dempsey’s is open on non-game days.

Eutaw Street is also filled with stands and is where many (but not all) of the unique items at Camden Yards can be found.

what to eat at camden yards boogs

“Stop with the Sidney Crosby stuff Boog!”

First, of course, is Boog’s BBQ, which is still the go-to food for many when celebrating an Orioles game…it’s the essential “what to eat at Camden Yards in your first visit” food. If you’re willing to buy a sandwich or platter from Boog, you can get in line to meet him, shake hands and get your photo taken with the Orioles’ star ex-first baseman.

And the pit beef or turkey with beans and slaw is good enough that lines start forming shortly after the gates open; for a high-attendance game, you’ll see smoke wafting from the Boog’s tent throughout the game.

All of this stuff named for Baltimore athletic greats is all fine and good, you may say, but what about a taste of local Baltimore flavor? I’m glad you asked.

what to eat at camden yards crab cake

Welcome to Maryland.

You can stop at one of the Old Bay Seafood stands and get that authentic Maryland crab cake, and it’s a nice-sized piece of seafood (with a fairly hefty price tag). If you just want waffle fries with crab dip on them, try Freestate Fries on the lower concourse.

Around the rest of the ballpark are fancy stands that serve variations on classic ballpark staples. The O! What A Dog stands have Esskay hot dogs in their basic baseball-friendly form.

Das Sausage Haus sells Roma sausages, with Natty Boh beer as a key ingredient to cooking the sausages. The pizza purveyor is now Season.

what to eat at camden yards steak

More cow please!

And instead of the Philly cheesesteak that is becoming popular at every ballpark, the Baltimore Chop House (named for the “Baltimore Chop”, a ground ball into the mud that John McGraw’s Orioles were famous for) serves marinated skirt steak on a bun, with extras like Gouda cheese.

Finally, for your sweet tooth, you can either get a cone or “Ittibitz” at the Carvel kiosks, and cotton candy and funnel cakes are readily available at several kiosks. The soft pretzel stand has a very tasty cinnamon sugar pretzel.

So like in most ballparks, you have plenty to choose from what to eat at Camden Yards. And best of all, much of it tastes like Baltimore.


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