Megabus – Great For Traveling Fans

Megabus – Great For Traveling Fans

Posted by Kurt Smith

So you have no problem taking a nine hour trip to see your favorite team in another ballpark, right? I’ve seen it happen plenty in the ballparks I’ve just visited. Nationals Park was full of Phillies fans on Opening Day last year, and much of downtown Baltimore’s hospitality industry is dependent on Red Sox and Yankees fans that come to Camden Yards 21 times a year. If you want to save money on such trips, try a Megabus.

megabus cincinnati

Just saying, when they’re in service they’re great.

Megabus is a luxury bus service available now in about 50 cities in the U.S. and Canada (and in the U.K. even, but anywhere they don’t play baseball doesn’t matter). They have single and double decker buses, all of which have Wi-Fi and free plug-ins. And they do it all for a ridiculous price, sometimes as low as $1!

Megabus operates from popular transportation hubs in large cities, so your only part of it is getting to the transportation center. In my home town of Philadelphia, that would be the 30th Street Amtrak station. With most ballparks in downtown areas these days and easily reachable by public transit, you should be able to leave the car at home and save a ton.

Let’s say you’re an Orioles fan who wants to take a trip to Boston to see the Birds play at Fenway Park this May (you O’s fans really need to start dishing it out). On May 3, you can take the Megabus from the White Marsh Mall at 11:35 AM, and arrive at South Station in Boston at 8:25 PM. This for just $12. Coming back on the 5th after enjoying a night at Fenway, the 8:15 AM bus out of South Station arrives at the White Marsh Mall at 5:15 PM (okay, it’s probably not that quick) and this is just another $12.

That’s just $24 round trip from Baltimore to Boston. Read that again, I’ll wait.

Between gas and tolls, driving that distance would total close to five times that—assuming you are using your own car. And that’s not figuring in the aggravation of the traffic, which is always bad in Connecticut and usually bad near New York and Philadelphia. Not dealing with that is certainly worth a few extra bucks.

Nine hours is a long time to ride on a bus, but at least Megabuses are clean, air-conditioned and comfortable, with free Wi-Fi to keep you busy. You can take care of all that other business you are too busy driving to do, or you can go onto the upper level and enjoy the panoramic view. You’re allowed one piece of luggage and a carry-on bag, which for a weekend trip should be plenty.

megabus stop sign

He may be small, but he looks friendly enough.

Megabus covers most major cities in the U.S. and Canada; and in most cases they’ll drop you off near a transportation hub that will get you anywhere else in the city in short order, certainly to the local ballpark.

It isn’t perfect, according to some reviews I’ve read…sometimes buses are late (honestly…is there a bus service that’s always on time?), and a few people have complained that the Wi-Fi doesn’t always work. But to get from Baltimore to Boston and back practically for the price of the tolls, I’ll take it.

Not sure how they do it for a price so low…volume?